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Ok, I will NOT let this community die on its second day of life.

Sooooo... what's everyone looking forward to most this summer then?

Apologies to those who aren't coming back...(we will certainly not be looking forward to your absence :( )
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:-( !!!
ok... ummm... best Ouareau memory then?

We're gonna miss you hun!!
Can I kill another bandanna of yours? :D 'Cuz that would make my summer.

Actually mostly I'm looking forward to being a staffer. 'Cause I think we have an awesome team this year. INCLUDING SARAH LANGFORD WHO KAITLIN PACE AND I GOT TO COME BACK!
You may indeed kill my bandanna. I wasnt actually planning on bringing one (needless to say WHY), but I believe that using it as a target would justify its place in my suitcase.
right now, im looking most forward to the first day i arrive at camp...seeing which staff are in my cabin, meeting my head of climbing...basically just the "homecoming" aspect of it all.
and lots of cuddling is anticipated also.
chipka play........!!!! >.squee
Check out my immense coolness- I'm commenting on my own post! yesssssss.

I'm looking forward to:
a) Seeing you alllll again!!
b) Taking out a solo canoe and just paddling and paddling away, lost in my own thoughts and the beauty around me
c) BEING A CIT!! *gasp*