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Random Camp Memories...

Best camp memory? Tough question! Over 7 summers at Ouareau, one aquires a rather large handful of memories, many involving sneaking out at night (and maybe getting caught by Jacqui *cough*), conquering the overhang, going on climbing trips and smelling something... that wasn't cigarette smoke... and having a desperate Alicia convice us that it was "a fire burning in the farmer's field down the road", finishing that darn windy triangle, running through the woods with Big Bertha on your back for "archery trips" (seriously - we should do this more often) or getting up at 4:00 on an overnight to watch the sunrise. Really, there are so many amazing memories that it's hard to choose.

Certainly the most memorable experiences are canoe trips. Everyone ends up being so miserable and wacked out on GORP that humourous events are inevitable. For example, when Lindsay (Peebles) decides that for some reason it's a marvellous idea to stand up in the middle of the canoe singing the "if you think I'm sexy..." song, and then proceeding to fall in the water, taking the canoe down with her.... or when you discover that all the medicine has disintigrated due to a leaky bag. Good times...

Ummm... en somme, il est impossible que je puisse choisir la *meilleure* souvenir. Toutes mes années au camp étaient manifiques... (je dois practiquer mon français avant que j'aille, parce qu'au moment, c'est... vraiment mal)

Apologies for the slightly odd post, I realize I didn't actually get to any points and it was just me rambling on, but whatever. Post your own favourite memory/memories/rants about your times at camp!!!

Miss you all!
Emily xxx
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